Monday 24 - Saturday 29 October

Extraordinarily this is one of few exhibitions where no artwork is for sale. Instead, the doors are thrown open for viewing and discussion with the artist about drawing. Xersa is Australian; her name was changed from Christine Limb when her textile design business, "Xersa Designs" became popular. Xersa has exhibited internationally and in major galleries and is ardent of supporting organizations such as Paintings in Hospitals that are focused upon personal development and environmental improvements. A thirty two page hand bound, autographed, catalogue is available at the Gallery by making a donation to Paintings in Hospitals.

"Resilience" relates to world-wide natural and non-natural events and health issues that affect us, reflecting positively on our own strength and determination to win. Xersa strips back drawing to the Zen of saying much with less. Each mark placed reveals how the artist is at that moment, adding a dimension persona to the artworks.

These figurative works on archival quality papers utilize charcoal, a medium used since ancient times augmenting references from much research into ancient art history and mythology. Charcoal has beautiful qualities looking as respectfully as finished art.

Temptation 4
The Guild of Erotic Artists
Tuesday 25 - Saturday 29 October

Temptation 4 - Live Free! depicts how art should be, showing the human body at its most beautiful; the artwork on show is designed to tempt you; a bit naughty but not smutty, artistic but not pornographic; A glimpse into the world of real figurative art.

The Guild of Erotic Artists is a world renowned organisation bringing the best portrayers of sensual, figurative art to the fore. Founded in 2002, it brought together established and emerging erotic artists together as one voice to promote freedom of expression. This exhibition brings together 24 of them with probably the largest display of figurative art in London this year.

Erotic Massacre
Ena Ban
Monday 31 October - Saturday 5 November

In her works the artist depicts everyday images transformed by media, projected onto the individual eye of each beholder. From the beginning she has found a balance of kitsch, recognition and false re-assurance, but mainly knowledge of the world as it really is.

Using classic collage - a postmodern technique adapted to be temperamentally the artist's own - these works take us back to the period before the digital revolution, disconnected from the virtual world of capitalism. It is in this harking back to youthful black-and-white themes through colour composition formed in a period of visual smog that the artist establishes the basic paradox of life - a unique ideal form, the virtual world which is located within each of us.

From the first drop of paint, symbol of the primal world, cascading onto the fibres of handmade paper, Ena Ban traverses a wide spectrum of artistic creation and life experiences. The artist's struggle with her own identity has led to the composition of unique works, where the finished whole demonstrates the underlying cohesion of the work and its importance in the continuous discovery of variants of meditation and the power of primal elements and approaches.

Beyond Margins
GFEST 2016
Monday 7 - Saturday 12 November

GFEST - Gaywise FESTival 2016 visual arts exhibition London's annual LGBTQI art festival returns to Menier Gallery with "Beyond Margins". At GFEST 2016 art exhibition 8 visual artists explore the theme of marginalised and 'out and proud' LGBTQI identities in complimenting or contrasting views in their works.

Featuring: Ajamu X and Khalil West, Jason Carr, Jose Gomez, Niranjan Kamatkar, Sarah Jane Moon, Simon Croft, Veronica Slater.

Once Upon a Time
Tuesday 8 - Saturday 12 November

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away - When fashion photographers tell stories.

The curator Carlie Chang is pleased to present works of two young and talent fashion photographers - Chen Chen and Shu Yu this November in Menier Gallery. In this exhibition, we are going to explore not only the power of the young generation photographers but also to define the independent significance of fashion photography. Both of the photographers' style are very dramatic, and each of their series is unfolded around a central story. We'd like to invite you to our exhibition and read the stories through your eyes and from your understandings.

Chen Chen

Currently, study the master degree at the University of Art London. Chen uses both digital and Polaroid to explore photography within fashion media. As an Image-maker, Chen utilises her abilities as both a photographer and art director. Her work uses extraordinary sensitivity with colour and composition, focusing on capturing the emotion behind the piece.

Shu Yu

Shu Yu was born in Sichuan, China. He is studying at London College of Fashion BA Fashion Photography. He established his photo studio during his four-year university life. His work has published on 1626, photo Vogue, CNU, and has collaborated with numbers of talented fashion designers. He also used to work for fashion brands such as MINNANHUI, The autonomous collection.

Sempre Endavant, Mai Morirem
Piers Ottey
Monday 14 - Saturday 26 November

Zimmer Stewart Gallery are pleased to present 'Sempre Endavant, Mai Morirem' (Piers Sera Toujours Piers) a collection of paintings and drawings by Piers Ottey.

The exhibition's title translates as 'Always forward, we'll never die', the motto of the French town of Collioure, near where Piers has recently set up a studio. The subtitle translates as 'Piers will always be Piers', referencing Piers' individuality and distinctive style. This is Collioure's alternative motto, and quotes Maurice Chevalier's famous song 'Paris sera toujours Paris'

Collioure has a rich artistic heritage In the early 20th century several Fauve artists made it their meeting place; Derain, Braque, Matisse and Charles Rennie Mackintosh have all been inspired by the Town's Royal Castle, and now so has Piers Ottey.

When not teaching, Piers Ottey splits his time between studios in Collioure, Sussex and London and this variety is reflected in his work. His paintings of London, both of the landmarks and of the cities rarely seen underground culture clearly show how he is influenced by his surroundings. His landscapes of the Sussex Downs are a reflection of the gratification gained in painting the local countryside, often returning to the same views again and again.

The subjects to be included in this exhibition will then innevitably include London, France and Sussex scenes as well as a large new Brough motorcycle piece, some figure paintings.

He has been exhibited at the Zimmer Stewart Gallery, the Medici Gallery London, Saddler's Row Gallery and, most recently, at the Shoreditch Gallery, where his solo exhibition, 'Form and Process' demonstrated Piers Ottey's view that art is all around us.

Monday 21 - Saturday 26 November

FIGMENT - a thing that someone believes to be real but exists only in their imagination. OED

The show explores the shared experience of a world that is enigmatic, beautiful and troubled in equal measure, for each of us personally, and for all of us collectively. The artists invite the viewer to look beyond the surface of a diverse range of media to place these figments in their own perception of contemporary lives.

The Market Paintings
Trevor Burgess
Tuesday 29 November - Saturday 3 December

Paintings of markets around the world including London, Paris, Mumbai, Mexico City, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica

With his new exhibition, The Market Paintings, London-based artist Trevor Burgess brings street markets from across the world to the Menier Gallery in Southwark.

Burgess is known for making paintings of urban life in London. He has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, and was a prizewinner at the 2011 Discerning Eye exhibition.

Now, with this new series of work he has expanded his repertoire from London's street and wholesale markets to the cities of Latin America and India, to Paris, Mexico City and Costa Rica. The Market Paintings are immediately striking for their unusually vivid and refreshingly tactile use of paint.

The paintings of flower stalls, meat counters, piled up fruit and vegetable displays, fishboxes, cheeses and bric-a-brac, take the still life tradition out of the studio back into the streets.

Burgess also homes in on the contact between the traders and the shoppers. "I like to remind myself", he says, "of the human and sensuous things that bind painting to the ordinary processes of living."

The FPS Members Exhibition 2016
Free Painters and Sculptors
Monday 5 - Saturday 10 December

Off the back of last year's very successful FPS Open Exhibition, we are once again back at the Menier Gallery based at the historic Menier Chocolate Factory, situated in the heart of one of London's top creative hotspots - minutes from London Bridge, Borough Market and Tate Modern.

The FPS Members Exhibition 2016 is the start of an exciting new series of winter exhibitions designed to celebrate and showcase our very talented international group of contemporary artists that are the Free Painters and Sculptors. This competitive show will feature a diverse collection of contemporary and competitively priced artworks, carefully selected to celebrate our long established collective.