Tuesday 19 - Saturday 23 July

STORY iN DESIGN [Si:D] exists to communicate, and share our passion for design with people, many different designers and artists. We provide an unique platform for Art and Design students and artists to independently showcase art works directly to the audience.
The group exhibition is formed by eight artists who are all in different creative fields. Each artist has presented their interpretation on the theme of 'Dimension' and produced artwork to illustrate the variety of things that relate to the theme. Come and enjoy our eight artists' dimension at the Menier Gallery!

Exhibit Here's Summer Exhibition
Exhibit Here
Tuesday 19 - Saturday 23 July

Exhibit Here is an Online Art Gallery and Curator of Pop-Up Exhibitions across London, founded by Fine Artist Leila Bibizadeh in 2013. Exhibit Here works tirelessly to provide regular exhibition opportunities throughout the year in prestigious galleries and venues. The exhibitions not only create a platform for artists to showcase their work, but they are also great networking events for meeting like minded creative's.

Exhibit Here's 2016 Summer Exhibition will bring together more than 100 stunning contemporary artworks by the most prolific artists, who are currently making their mark in the art world. The exhibition will be an exciting mix of painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, and it will give you the chance to discover your new favourite artist. It will also be Exhibit Here's fourth exhibition at the Menier Gallery.

Join us at the Private View on Tuesday 19th July 2016 from 6pm - 8.30pm to meet the artists and Leila!

University of the Arts London Awarding Body
Wednesday 27 - Saturday 30 July

A curated exhibition of art, design and creative media work, produced by students studying University of the Arts London Awarding Body qualifications nationwide.

Sikh Human Rights Art Exhibition inspired by Bapu Surat Singh
Monday 1 - Saturday 6 August

Bapu Surat Singh, an 83 year old grandfather from the United States has been on hunger strike in India for over 500 days calling for the release of Sikh political prisoners. He has been periodically detained by Indian Police and force-fed during his peaceful protest.

The art exhibition brings together the work of over 40 established and emerging artists and poets who have been creatively inspired by the human rights campaigner. From the healthy figure at the start of the hunger strike to the now hollow, bony frame the multi-media exhibition traces Bapu's journey for justice.

Works inspired by Frida Kahlo
The Artists Pool
Wednesday 3 - Wednesday 31 August

"Works inspired by Frida Kahlo", an intense and reflective selection of artworks by artists who have align their creativity by gaining inspiration from artist Frida Kahlo. Her rich and varied lust for life provides many artistic seeds for this multi-media show.

Pirasteh Gourang
Monday 5 - Saturday 17 September

The images in this exhibition symbolise a difficult chapter in my life. The calm and the solitude of landscapes made me question my existence. Can everything be different, can everything be changed? This visual experience is the result of my journey in search of the answers, and the way I look at the world. It gave me a deeper insight into unravelling the chaos and darkness around me. What occurred through the lens was something as complex as our universe. Images that are melancholic, compelling and inspiring.

Cruising Spirits
Otto Farkas
Monday 12 - Saturday 17 September

Are you totally in control of your life or do you find it controlled by others? Are you even aware of all the ways you are controlled? What purpose does control perform? What do we do when control is taken to the extreme? What happens when control is lost?

'Cruising Spirits', examines the concept of control and its role in the potential protection from chaos through a series of paintings and installations by the Hungarian born, London based artist Otto Farkas.

Control is a persistent force present in possibly every aspect of our lives and or never truly achieved in the first place. Control impacts the individual having a profound effect on the consequential actions of an individual or group be it in the short or long term.

'Cruising Spirits' seeks to bring these elements together to drive awareness and question the concept that is control.

Visual Music
Felix Anaut
Monday 19 September - Saturday 1 October

Spanish Abstract Expressionist, Felix Anaut has developed a unique painting style he calls "Visual Music". This exhibition includes his latest series of works, and also some on which he collaborated with poet, Lemn Sissay.

Felix Anaut invited Lemn Sissay to his studio in France last year: They found they had a common bond and were able to jointly express their thoughts with images and words respectively.

Alongside the paintings, visitors will also see large scale ceramics by Felix Anaut in collaboration with the Raimundo Abio in Spain.

Monday 19 - Saturday 24 September

The exhibition SEED+SSOUL brings together nine international female artists from the Middle East, the Balkans, Turkey, United States of America, and the United Kingdom. The exhibition features works that transcend a strong connection on feminism and art and it questions current forms of social agitation, and ways in which cultural perceptions and differences are transforming, through today's feminist art. The works of art explore challenges through very raw and sincere course of exchange. They expose the vital issues affecting female members of societies and portray them through different layers of artistic and cultural investigation. SEEDS+SOUL artists use different forms of media, including their own bodies and personifications to serve as artistic statements. Aware of blooming social media and exposure that was hard to anticipate in the 1970's, when feminist art first broke through, cultural perceptions are merging around the globe. Thus women artists from the Middle East, the United States and Europe are offering an ongoing and relentless cultural exchange highlighting on how their experiences flow into their works of art along with cultural and social influence.

Participating artists: Inaya Fanis Hodeib (Lebanon), Zake Prelvukaj (Kosovo), Summer Yates (USA), Fatima Mortada (Lebanon), Marya Mohd AlQassimi (Sharjah), Annie Kourkdijan (Lebanon), Lala Meredith-Vula (UK), Ayca Koseogullari (Turkey), Jessa Leff (UK)

Curator: Nora Weller, Director of ARTUM, an internationally focused platform on Art and Cultural Heritage and founder of NW Gallery (www.nwgallery.com).